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The Air Force COOL program is a pathway for enlisted members of the Air & Space Force to earn industry-recognized professional certifications and licenses. All related licensing fees, exam charges, and study preparation costs, including training, are covered by the Air Force COOL program.

The Air Force Credentialing Opportunities On-Line or AF COOL has a credential mapping for 642 professional certifications and licenses to support the 190 enlisted Air Force specialty codes. The credentials are at the national and state levels, and from the industry. Funding will not exceed a maximum of $4,500 per lifetime per Airman or Space Professional.


Credentialing has two purposes. First, it continues to professionalize the enlisted force by providing up-to-date industry-recognized credentials in an Airman or Space Professional’s job. Second, it provides a way for airmen to prepare for civilian life by ensuring that they are ready for work in the civilian sector. There are many aspects to credentialing including certifications and licenses.

What are the REQUIREMENTS for AF COOL?

The first requirement for enlisted RegAF, ARES, and ANG component members is you have to be on Title 10 or Title 32.502(f) orders during the complete process.

  • Must ensure approval of funding before taking any actions that would obligate the expenditure of funds, including registering for, scheduling, or partaking in an exam or other credentialing expense.
  • Submit a request for payment not earlier than 60 days and not later than 30 days prior to the anticipated exam date.
  • Submissions submitted after the start date will be the financial responsibility of the member.
  • Member is required to submit exam results (pass or fail) within 30 days of course completion date.
  • Member is required to review and understand credentialing agencies' refund policy prior to taking an exam.
  • Member will update personal email, contact number, and address as well as the supervisor’s email and phone number prior to submitting an educational goal or funding request.
  • Payments will not be made for CEU/PEU, failed exam retakes, conference attendance, travel, hotel expenses, per diem, airfare, etc.
  • If payments are required to be made through a student portal and not a public-facing site, the Airmen must be provided a login and password to give the Purchasing Agent to make these payments on their behalf. Failing to do so will result in disapproval.

In addition, to utilize the Air Force Cool program you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Enlisted, RegAF, ANG, AFRS* (ANG and AFRS must be on title 10 or title 32 (502)f orders for the entire duration of the certification. ANG/AFRS members must have a copy of their orders uploaded to their digital file folder by their local base education office and their Activated End Date updated prior to creating an educational goal.
  • Possess a 5-skill level in the Airmen’s assigned Primary Air Force Specialty Code to which credential is mapped.
  • Must not have an Unfavorable Information File (UIF), a failed or overdue physical fitness test, a Referral Enlisted Performance Report (EPR), nor be on a control roster at the time of application for AF COOL.
  • Must have a record in the Air Force Automated Education Management System with an approved credentialing goal.
  • Must complete credential while in RegAF status, (with the exception of those who fall under the 180-day rule).


To apply for the Air Force COOL program, click on the Air Force Virtual Education Center (AFVEC). If you meet the requirements, the first step is to search for approved, related credentials. Once you've chosen a credential that you want to pursue, you will need to create an educational goal.

While you're creating this process after your supervisor has approved your educational goal, you'll be able to go into AFVEC and start uploading your supporting documentation. It is the member's responsibility to do the research and find the information that they're wanting to pursue. The AF COOL program does not offer that for you directly. ProTrain will assist in creating your education goal.

Get in touch with a ProTrain Training Assessment Manager by calling us at 844-292-8641or email

  • Select a certification under the approved AF COOL listing in AFVEC, and create an Educational Goal
  • Member’s Supervisor reviews to ensure the member is eligible and has no factors limiting their ability to complete the certification.
  • Member uploads supporting documents under their educational goal in AFVEC.
  • Member creates two funding requests, if required, the first for study material and the second for the exam(s).
  • Funding Request will be reviewed by the AF COOL CPO, and if approved then sent to the Purchasing Agents for payment. The purchasing agent will notify the member that they are cleared to test.
  • Member takes the test and uploads results under the supporting documents section of their educational goal
  • Member emails AF COOL CPO to notify results have been uploaded (
  • AF COOL CPO verifies post results, and close educational goal.

POPULAR AF COOL Approved Certification Programs

Once you've chosen a certification program, your ProTrain Training Assessment Manager (TAM) can help you provide the necessary vendor documentation to be uploaded to AFVEC. 


When you log in to the system and you see on the right-hand side of your AFVEC screen under self-service actions, click Start a Funding Request. If you can't find the exam center that you are looking for in the drop-down menu, select the hyperlink for Find Exam Center. Type in the first word of the location you are looking for. Leave the State as All and hit Search. Next, put it in the testing window. You have 60 days before the system pings you and tells you that you need to create a funding request for your exam. You can also create your exam request and at the same time you do your study material request. Just know that the exam funding request will give you 120 days that you'll be able to submit for in your window and study material gives you 60 days. So be sure to utilize all of that time frame.

AF COOL Approval Process

Once you've created a funding request for your AF COOL certification exam and study preparation it's going to go to your supervisor for approval. Once your supervisor approves, it comes to the CPO. If all the documentation is uploaded and good to go, and the right dates and the right goal are input and match your funding request, they will approve and send it to the purchasing agents. They will make the payment on your behalf. You will receive an email at each point of this. Do not proceed to a test or study material without receiving all three of the approval emails from the supervisor, CPO, and purchasing agent.

Study and Take EXAMS

The final step is to study and take the exams. When you take AF-COOL approved certification please note that the funding will be recouped if individuals fail to provide proof of completion of credential within 120 days. Within 180 days of separation or retirement, the credential costs must be self-funded and reimbursed after proof of completion. The full Air Force COOL program details, application procedures, eligibility requirements, and AFSC listings are located on the Air Force Virtual Education Center website or on the Air Force COOL website.


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